Resort at a glance

During the 2014-2015 season Sheregesh was visited by over one million tourists; ski.ru portal named it the most popular ski resort of Russia.

Sheregesh is the largest ski resort in Siberia located in Tashtagol district, Kemerovo region. The popularity of the resort among skiers and snowboarders all over Siberia and Russia is explained by its continuous season, unique climate and variety of slopes. Main feature of our trails is that you can ride in early November on the smooth and natural snow.

Recreation for everyone

The beginners may take up skiing under the supervision of an instructor – they are provided with the practice trails. Professional riders will duly appreciate speed skiing from the mountain tops.

Sheregesh includes 4 sectors: A, B, E and F as well as other trails of diverse complexity with the maximum length of 2500-3000 meters.

19 ski lifts are available for the guests of the resort.

The highest point of the resort, Mustag Mount, is 1500 meters.


Sheregesh is an ideal place for the family vacation.

All family members will be vividly impressed for sure.

Kaskad Ski Resort in Sheregesh

Kaskad owns 11 out of 19 ski lifts of the resort; it also owns excellent trails.

Our ski lifts cater for around 80% of the tourists visiting Sheregesh. The following ski lifts are at the disposal of the visitors: «Green», «Blue», «East», «West», «Travolator», «Bread Box», «Bun», «BKD-39», «BKD-40», «Mustag» and «Olympia-Express».

Kaskad Group grooms about 60 kilometers of trails all year round, owns the fleet of 14 snow groomers, a parking lot and a repair bay for the snow grooming machines as well as a 4-star hotel and two cafes.

Safety on slopes

The tourists’ safety is the priority of our ski resort.

Throughout the season and after it the trails are thoroughly groomed, rescue teams work on the slopes during operation of the ski lifts.

We work twenty four seven to make your holiday comfortable.

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